Bringing  knowledge  of  astronomy and  enjoyment  of  the  night sky to  the  Chippewa  Valley 
of  west-central  Wisconsin 


About the society: 

The Chippewa Valley Astronomical Society (C.V.A.S.) is an amateur astronomy club in Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley. The society, which currently has more than  50 members, meets at Hobbs Observatory in the Beaver Creek Reserve near Fall Creek Wisconsin. C.V.A.S. members cover a broad spectrum of astronomical interests, from casual observing of the constellations to serious visual observing, astrophotography, astrometry, CCD imaging, computer control of telescopes, photometry, telescope building, and radio astronomy. 

Regular meetings: 

Public talks are given at 8 p.m. on the third Saturday of every month at Hobbs Observatory, followed by observing ( if it's clear.) 

Public observing sessions are held every CLEAR Saturday evening, May through October, starting  an hour after sunset. 

Business meetings are at 7:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at Hobbs Observatory, unless otherwise announced.  (see 'events' page)


Hobbs Observatory

Hobbs Observatory , with it's twin domes, is located in the Beaver Creek Reserve near Fall Creek, Wisconsin. 

In the west dome is a computer-controlled 24" Newtonian/Nasmyth reflector with a Photometrics Star-1 CCD camera. 

The control software is maintained by Xecon Associates.  To view additional information about this software, click HERE-->. XECON

In the east dome is a 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.

The building also contains The Robert Elliott Classroom, an office, and a small library. The observatory is used by C.V.A.S. members, the Beaver Creek Reserve, and the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. 

To learn more about Hobbs Observatory
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 Positional information for Hobbs Observatory:

West Dome
East Dome
Latitude 44deg 48' 56.84" N
+/-  0.03"
44deg 48' 56.88" N 
+/-  0.03"
Longitude 91 deg 16' 18.76" W
+/- 0.05"
91deg 16' 17.98"W
+/- 0.05"
Elevation 936 feet    +/- 7 ft 936 feet    +/- 7 ft
Local Time UT - 6 hrs 5 min 5.25 sec UT - 6 hrs 5 min 5.20 sec
This data is a result of DGPS measurements taken in April 2001

To get to Hobbs Observatory from Eau Claire (approximately 12 miles), take highway 12 east to Fall Creek, then take highway K north. The Observatory is 4 miles from Fall Creek on the north side of the road. 

To get to Hobbs Observatory from Chippewa Falls (approximately 15 miles), take highway 29 east to the highway J exit. Follow county highway J south to county highway K. Go south on highway K approximately 5 miles to the observatory. 

Click here for  maps to the observatory 

CVAS Officers


CVAS  President    Mike Brown       

CVAS Vice President   Emmett Kyle

Secretary     Heidi Conde    

Treasurer       Bill Childs   

Call Hobbs Observatory at  (715)-877-2212.    During the day this number will be answered by Beaver Creek Reserve staff       - ask for Angie to schedule a visit.. 

Send mail to ... 

Chippewa Valley Astronomical Society 
P.O. Box  765

Eau Claire,  WI


Membership information

CVAS membership is open to anyone with an interest in astronomy. Membership dues  are $20 for individuals, $25 for families, and $10 for full time students . Memberships run from January 1 to January 1.  For an additional cost of $7.50, members may choose to become a member of the Astronomical League.

Members joining in the middle of the year may pro-rate the dues. 

Members receive E-mail activity notices of upcoming club events.

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