About the Observatory

Hobbs Observatory, with its twin domes, is located in the Beaver Creek Reserve near Fall Creek Wisconsin.

The west dome features a computer-controlled 24-inch Newtonian reflector telescope, and the east dome houses a Meade LX200 14-inch Schmidt Cassegrain telescope.

The building also houses the Robert Elliott Classroom, an office, and a small library.

The observatory is used by CVAS members, Beaver Creek Reserve, and the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

  • West dome coordinates: 44 degrees 48′ 56.84″ N  91 degrees, 16′ 18.76″  W
  • East dome coordinates: 44 degrees 48′ 56.88″ N 91 degrees 16′ 17.98″ W
  • Elevation: 936 feet
  • Local time: UT -6 hours 5 minutes 5.125 seconds

Google Maps link to the observatory is available HERE.

Historical images of the construction of the observatory are available HERE.