Visiting the Observatory

Hobbs Observatory is located in the Beaver Creek Reserve (BCR), a 400-acre nature reserve located four miles north of Fall Creek, WI on County Highway K.

The observatory is located across the road from the BCR Nature Center building.  If you are arriving from the north, watch for the sign on your right, or on your left if arriving from the south.

For everyone’s observing enjoyment, please pay attention to the following observing etiquette when you visit.

  • Park in the observatory parking lots, do not drive onto the observing field. Orange cones are usually in place to indicate the limits of vehicles. See the map below on where to park.
  • When approaching the observing field with a white light flashlight, please only point it at the ground and not the observers. You will be asked to turn off your white light flashlights as you approach the observing field. Red lights are preferred. You can find red “tail-light tape” at an automotive store to tape over a regular flashlight.
  • It takes 20 to 30 minutes for eyes to adjust to the dark, and a flash of light (even from a cell phone) will cause everyone who sees it to have to wait to get their night vision back, which could become a safety issue. Viewing dim galaxies and nebulae in our telescopes is difficult if your night vision has been compromised.
  • For some public observing sessions, CVAS members use their own telescopes which need to be set up before the observing sessions begin. Wait until the CVAS members are present before approaching the telescopes.
  • Be sure to dress for the occasion! Plan for temperatures 20 to 30 degrees colder than the daytime high.
  • Bugs and mosquitoes will abound during the spring, summer, and fall. If you need to apply repellent please move far far away from any telescope equipment. Overspray can carry a great distance and is very damaging to the optical surfaces of telescopes.
  • Keep small children under close supervision around the equipment.